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Hello fellow chimney sweeps, installers and industry professionals

Today’s blog subject is the importance of the HETAS Approved chimney sweeping scheme and what it brings to both sweeps and the UK industry as a whole.

Sweep Safe has recently become approved by HETAS as a route for their chimney sweep scheme approval and we decided to highlight what advantages this approved status brings.

Industry benefits

  • The Approved sweep scheme acts as an umbrella to the HETAS Approved sweeping organisation, it brings much of the industry together under one banner. This common group can work collectively reaching a larger audience with better effect than working alone.
  • There are double check systems in place, HETAS vet the processes of admission into the various approved sweeping orgs which ensures high standards and consumer confidence.
  • A level playing field or common minimum standard. For many years within the sweeping industry sweeps have argued the need for a common minimum standard in order to both further and better our industry. The Approved sweep scheme provides that. Each sweep must meet the criteria of their chosen organisation and then undertake either the H003 or H009 before being able to apply to HETAS for approved sweep status. This system ensures that the consumer can expect a certain minimum level of; standards, knowledge, equipment and skill from an approved sweep.
  • The scheme provides a potential platform for future educational and industry developments

Company or individual Benefits of HETAS Approved sweep status

  • Use of the HETAS Approved sweep logos, these can be powerful advertising tools when used on vans, socials or websites.
  • Listing on the HETAS find a chimney sweep search.
  • Access to local authority and heritage, where it is often insisted upon that only HETAS Approved sweeps undertake much of this work.
  • A HETAS ID card.
  • Ability to benefit from HETAS brand awareness and recognition
  • A powerful market advantage over those that are not approved
  • The potential to make additional income
  • Consumer belief credibility and trust. No more; ‘you are just a chimney sweep what do you know?’ When you give important safety advice.
  • The use of your sweeping organisations HETAS Approved chimney sweep certificates
  • A listing in the HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep Directory
  • A free copy of the annual HETAS Guide
  • Access to the HETAS Shop – a range of equipment, branded clothing, promotional material and advice leaflets
  • A monthly industry e-newsletter
  • Regular in depth Technical Bulletins
  • Access to the HETAS Technical Helpline
  • Access to the HETAS online Technical Area

A key Benefit of being HETAS approved is the use of HUSP documentation and processes this includes official HETAS warning notices and labels.

Please Note: Many of the above benefits and documents are also available to HETAS registered installers and HETAS approved service technicians although some are specific to approved Sweeps.

Customers can be Confident that HETAS Approved chimney sweeping scheme Approved Sweeps have had an onsite assessment by their association, trained in either H003 or H009, are adequately insured and meet both HETAS and their associations joining criteria.

So how do you become a HETAS Approved chimney sweep?

You will first have to join one of the   HETAS approved chimney sweeping organisations this will mean passing their assessments, minimum equipment criteria and insurance checks. All the orgs have slightly different entry requirements and costs so it’s best to do your research.
Following entry into an approved organisation you must complete and pass either H003 or H009 qualifications and this must be in date.
Once you are qualified you can then apply to HETAS as an approved chimney sweep. A nominal annual fee applies.

To finalise there are so many benefits for so little cost we feel that  its very good business gaining HETAS approval at this time. Those without it will undoubtedly be at a market disadvantage in the future. Our industry is changing from  one of high volume to one of less jobs per sweep, this means that we need to make more money from each job in order to earn the same. This scheme is one method to upskill your company and be part of those changing times rather than being left in the past.