Sweep Buddy is the fantastic all-in-one App for Chimney sweeps, developed by Sweep Safe Chimney Sweep Association in the UK

In this Covid / Post-covid era, paper certificates are neither hygienic or green. Sweep Safe Chimney sweeps lead the way with 100% electronic certification for each job performed.

The App and Professional Sweep Safe Certificates look highly professional and make a real impact on your customers. You only get to make a good impression once. Make sure you use the Sweep Safe App.

Additionally, the app is fantastic at issuing reminders to your customers, all automatically, saving on postcards and leaflets.
It is also a great app to help with your admin, generating invoices and being able to manage your expenses, all within the app!
Be Sweep Safe Certified and Issue your electronic Sweep Safe Certificates today!

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With Sweep Buddy, you can:

  • Manage your Customer Database
  • Send Automatic Emails to Customers reminding them of the next upcoming sweep.
  • Manage Jobs efficiently, with options for confirmed and unconfirmed jobs
  • Manage Domestic and Commercial jobs efficiently and with optimised Settings for each type
  • Issue the Sweep Safe Digital Certificate on completion of jobs (for Sweep Safe Members only)
  • View "at a glance" your work pipeline from our User Experience Optimised Dashboard.
  • Easily manage your jobs’ diary
  • Issue Digital Invoices on the fly and with auto-generated invoice settings saving you valuable time.
  • Manage your expenses In-App
  • Generate Profit & Loss reports making filling tax returns simple and fast.
  • Open customer postcodes directly into the Google map App, making driving to your next job easy.
  • Import Existing (Excel) Client List and get started fast
  • Comply with GDPR efficiently
  • Include Hetas Chimney Sweep Approved logo on Certificates (providing your membership with Hetas is in good order)
  • Contribute to reducing environmental impact and paper waste
  • Enjoy a cost efficient, and overall "cheaper than paper certificates" experience

And much more...

Another unique benefit to Sweep Safe members:

The Chimney Technician Comprehensive Reference Guide

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What is Sweep Safe?

Are you a competent Chimney Sweep? Are you experienced? Do you care about your customers? Do you want more work? Do you want your views to matter and be heard? Would you like a strong brand to help you achieve recognition in the market place and set you apart from competitors?

If so, you have arrived at the right place.

Sweep Safe is the only Chimney Sweep Association that puts experienced chimney sweeps first, promoting skills and experience, safeguarding the Industry and promoting its members with potential customers.

We want the good chimney sweeps to reap the rewards for their hard work. We’re here to build trust and recognition with your potential customers, to be a prime marketing asset to power your success, to hear your views and to defend your interests.

We’re new – We’re unique – We’re modern – We’re lean – We’re sharp – We’re business driven – We’re consumer focused – We’re making a difference.

Say Goodbye to the old, and Hello the new.

Welcome to Sweep Safe

How is Sweep Safe Different?

1/ Amongst numerous other benefits Sweep Safe is the only organisation to require previous experience and, therefore, ‘time-served’ details prior to being accepted into the organization.

2/ We DO NOT train new chimney sweeps and bring unnecessary new competition to your door.

3/ We're business focused and our team reflects that. "Typical / traditional associations" run by chimney sweeps only, tend to perform poorly when it comes to achieving consumer recognition, building a modern and recognisable brand, and ultimately, getting work for their members. Yes, we're young, but we're geared up towards achieving strong business goals to benefit our members.

4/ We promise to encourage and provide a united approach to all professional chimney sweeps, moving away from petty bickering and counter-productive internal politics.

5/ We offer great value for money while providing what we believe to be a superior service. We want our members to get huge value for money and help them be successful.

HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep Scheme

Q. Can I become HETAS approved or retain my HETAS approved sweep status if I join Sweep Safe?

A. Yes HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep Status is available to assessed members of Sweeps safe that have the prerequisite H003 or H009.

So, there is a Better Way

Try us today.

12 month membership is £150.

Enjoy all members benefits, marketing and support.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Sweep Safe Team.

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