About Woodsure

About Woodsure

Woodsure is a not-for-profit organisation, striving to raise the quality of woodfuel in the industry. The Woodsure certification scheme and its logo shows woodfuel users the suppliers and products that they can trust. The Woodsure certification scheme covers firewood, briquettes, woodchip, pellets and hog fuel.

Customers purchasing from a Woodsure certified producer can be assured that the producer has been checked and tested, and have demonstrated they are able to produce and supply a quality product. The Woodsure logo enables consumers to easily identify whether fuel is of an appropriate standard for their boiler systems.

Find out more about Woodsure on their website at https://woodsure.co.uk.

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Woodsure also runs the Ready to Burn initiative, launched in 2017. Suppliers of firewood and briquettes with a maximum moisture content of 20% can join the Ready to Burn initiative and their products will display the Ready to Burn logo. Click here to find out more about Ready to Burn.