Questions and answers

Q. How much will my annual subscription be when I join Sweep Safe?
A. We have worked hard to keep subs low. Subscription is only £150.00 per annum.
Q. Will I be listed on the sweep search site (chimneysweeplocal.co.uk) when I join and will I have to pay extra?
A. The sweep-search website listing is included in annual subscription fees. Our search engine includes links to; your website, Facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. It is designed to get you work and for you to best promote your company as you see fit.
Q. Do I have access to a recognised sweeping certificate upon joining?
A. Yes. Sweep Safe offer a recognised certificate to members. Certificates are purchased directly from the approved printers, saving you both time and money.
Q. Can I use the Sweep Safe brand and logo to promote my company when I become a member?
A. Yes. Paying Annual subscription and ongoing membership entitles you to use the registered trademarked  logos and brand on your vans, clothing, advertising materials, websites, stationary etc. to promote your company. ( some conditions apply)
Q. How is Sweep Safe different from other organisations?
A. Sweep Safe is designed from the ground up as a consumer focused organisation to attract consumers and stimulate business for our members rather than “creating” more chimney sweeps and competition. Sweep Safe does not train new chimney sweeps and some experience is necessary prior to joining approval.
Q. Do I need Public Liability and PI insurance to join?
A. Yes. You will need a minimum of £2,000.000  public liability insurance specifically for chimney sweeping. If you offer safety advice, such as camera inspections and pressure testing, you will be required to send a copy of your professional indemnity insurance prior to being listed for these services
Q. How much industry experience do I need before I can join Sweep Safe?
A. If you are an independent with no organisational training, you must have two year’s working experience within the industry. As a person who has trained via another organisation, you will be accepted with one year’s industry experience.
Q. Do you offer professional development training?
A. Yes. We have an extensive range of Professional development training courses to choose from that will be rolled out later in 2019.
Q. Is there mandatory refresher training?
A. Yes. Every five years or sooner
Q. If I wish to keep my membership to a third party organisation, can I do that and still become a member?
A. Yes. You must do what you feel is best for your company, we have made it virtually risk free with our discounted subscription so that you can try us out. Please check with your current org to ensure that they do not have rules which may prevent you from dual membership.
Q. As an experienced independent sweep that has not been formally assessed by a Hetas approved association or being holder of the NVQ in chimney sweeping  will I have to be assessed prior to acceptance?
A. Yes you must pass the assessment prior to becoming a full member. There is currently a discounted fee payable  to the assessor of £195.00 per person assessed which is payable directly to the assessor. The assessor may also charge mileage if the distance they must travel to assess you is significant. Your assessment must take place within three months of your application.