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Sweep Safe wants to be the best and a guarantee to the consumer for: High level of competence Highly knowledgeable & able to advise Safety Environmentally focused Politeness & Good manners High level of overall service Why wouldn’t you want to be that person? Why wouldn’t you want to be this highly competent, knowledgeable, safe, […]

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Once you own a wood burning stove you become responsible to ensure it works safely, burns cleanly and lasts a long time. Unfortunately, many stove owners are unaware of the basic requirements needed to ensure it all keeps working. Stove maintenance can be broken down into three distinct sections. Much of the daily maintenance can […]

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There are several fuel types available to the solid fuel user, coal, peat, wood logs, compressed wood products, smokeless coals etc. With so much negative info in the press let’s take an objective look which is the right fuel for you to burn. Firstly you must look at your appliance, follow manufacturer guidelines as burning […]

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Woodburning stoves have been unfairly targeted by the press, blogs and videos lately and are being painted in a very negative light. So let’s take a look at the reality, which in our view is very different to the portrayal in the press. Firstly wood is one of the only truly renewable fuels. It is […]