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The subject of the Sweep safe Technical update is type one and type two smoke testing. The two tests serve very different purposes and must not be confused with each other. Although you will find this guide very useful it does not supersede the process set out in building regulations section j and we highly […]

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Soot part 3. disposal, carriage and bagging up. In the previous two parts of this series we spoke about the dangers of soot, PPE, cleaning and many other things. In today’s article we will speak briefly about, storage, removal, carriage and disposal of the black stuff. Professional chimney sweeps are generally a conscientious bunch and […]

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Technical Update: Soot (Part 2) Welcome to part two of our three part article on soot. In this blog we talk about different types of soot, fuel types and cleaning methods. Chimney sweeps generally classify soot by the fuel type that it was formed by when it was combusted. There are a few general rules; […]

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Technical update number 4. Soot (part one) What is soot? We all know it’s a black powder but few know what constituents make up the compound that we clean daily from the chimneys that we work on. Soot is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. It is black because it contains carbon particles […]

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Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 11th June 18 A regular chimney pot is usually best A standard terracotta cannon or roll top chimney pot that is correctly sized  is usually the very best way to terminate a chimney.  They are made of terracotta, have low wind resistance, are strong, last many years and most […]