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Technical update number 4. Soot (part one) What is soot? We all know it’s a black powder but few know what constituents make up the compound that we clean daily from the chimneys that we work on. Soot is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. It is black because it contains carbon particles […]

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Hello fellow chimney sweeps, installers and industry professionals Today’s blog subject is the importance of the HETAS Approved chimney sweeping scheme and what it brings to both sweeps and the UK industry as a whole. Sweep Safe has recently become approved by HETAS as a route for their chimney sweep scheme approval and we decided […]

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Hello my name is Daniel Hodgson I would like to welcome you to todays educational blog Nowadays with the absence of a physical office or building your website home page is your shop window. In the west end of London and New York, a vast fortune is spent every year dressing shop windows in readiness […]