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Sweep Safe wants to be the best and a guarantee to the consumer for:

  • High level of competence
  • Highly knowledgeable & able to advise
  • Safety
  • Environmentally focused
  • Politeness & Good manners
  • High level of overall service
Sweep Safe Certified

Why wouldn’t you want to be that person?

Why wouldn’t you want to be this highly competent, knowledgeable, safe, insured, able to advise clients on reducing pollution and their energy consumption, be polite and loved by your customers Chimney Sweep?

What is the downside to this?

What is the one thing that could stop you from wanting to be that chimney sweep?

And maybe you already are!

Or maybe you’re very close to it and a little advice from our assessors will give you that competitive edge and confidence you are providing the best service to your clients.

And this way, it is not just you saying it, it is your Sweep Safe badge saying it too.

Sweep Safe Certified Chimney Sweep

Like all professions, not everyone is as competent as they should be. There are good teachers and bad teachers, good police officers and bad ones too, good chefs and some you’d better not eat at their restaurant if you could avoid it at all.

Chimney Sweeps are no exception. In fact, due to the lack of official regulations, there are still “cowboys” around giving a bad wrap to all of us.

Being assessed is not something you should fear. On the contrary.

A lot of our members confided in us that the assessment was the biggest hurdle to them when they were considering joining Sweep Safe. It reminded them of school, which is not there they excelled, the uncertainty about what would be expected of them on the day, or simply the overwhelming fear of failing.

Well, we are so glad they got the courage to take the plunge and challenge themselves to apply and pass the assessment to become Sweep Safe Certified.

And very happy they shared their experience about being assessed.

There really is nothing to fear!!! Assessors are there to help you, educate you if need be and ensure you are fully ready for your Sweep Safe membership and just be great!

Chimney sweep qualification

What happens when you are being assessed?

Once you apply for Sweep Safe membership, if you need to be assessed (see further below for exceptions to assessment), one of our local Assessors will contact you and make an appointment.

Your assessor will simply go on jobs with you, watch you introduce yourself to the client, make sure you are looking professional, and then simply watch you sweep.

Your assessor will assess your level of competency and advise you on small changes you could make to get even better at your job.

Your assessor is here to help you, not to punish you. That’s not at all the purpose.


Assessment success rates:

4 out of 5 chimney sweeps with at least 2 years experience pass their assessment with flying colours and gain additional knowledge in that process, making them even more accomplished than they were.

And yes, 1 in 5 is not quite ready yet.

chimney sweep training UK

So what happens if you don’t pass the first assessment?

Your assessor will let you know where you need to improve, what you need to learn, provide you with a clear path to fixing these little things and direct you to further training if necessary.

The Sweep Safe team is here to help you too. Communicate with us, we will do everything in our power to help you, train you where lack on knowledge is apparent, and upgrade your level of competency and service to the expected Sweep Safe standard.

You can of course take the assessment again! And this time you will be fully prepared for it.


Can I be exempt for the assessment?

Yes. If you have been trained by another association from which we recognised the training, you should not need to be assessed.

Contact us with your association details.


How much does Assessment cost?

The assessment fee is £195 and is paid directly to the assessor