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Adding Google Analytics to your website

How do you like loosing business and money?

Not nice, right?

When a huge chunk of visitors to your website give up on it within seconds or don’t like what they see and move away from it, this is exactly what is happening.

You are loosing a potential client to a competitor whose website maybe works better on mobile and tablets or is simply more professional, comprehensive and inspire trust.

So, let’s not get immediately into “why a website is failing” First we need to know. How is my website performing?

As you are reading this blog, ask yourself:

What do I know about how my website ability to generate business? Yes, you may know you get some calls and business enquiries, that is great. But what statistical data do you have to know:

  • How many people came to your website this week / month / quarter etc?
  • How long did they stay on the website?
  • Did they give up within seconds?
  • How many pages did they view?
  • What is the average time a user spends on my site (the lower it is, the worst it is for you)
  • How many come from mobile phones?
  • How many come from tablets
  • How many come from computers?
  • How do my stats compare for mobile users vs computer users?
  • And much more…

I see companies having a real shock and wake up call when I present them the statistics of their websites on a regular basis.

Google Analytics mobile traffic

What good is it if you get 60% of your traffic from mobile and tablets, but average sessions from these users are seconds only because your website is not working well with their device? Well, it means you now only have 40% of your websites visitors to get business from. You just cut yourself out of 60% of the people wo looked at your shop window. This is a simple example that I see occurring time and time again.

So, what do we need to do?

1/ We need to install Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics is one of the best software to give you exact data on your website and IT IS FREE!

I did a video for you showing you the process

And this is how to add it to WordPress for example:


2/ Monitor these stats

3/ Make improvements  / take actions to improve your stats so you get more business.

It is really simple, though it takes a bit of time and dedication. If you do that though, the success rate / conversion rate of your website is likely to shoot up.

So, in this first part, I’ve shown you how to register to Google Analytics (if you have not done so already), and how to add it to a WordPress website (other types of website may have similar system).

So, do that first and in future blogs I will detail how to analyse the stats.

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