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5 Top tips for advertising chimney sweeping companies

Hello my name is Daniel Hodgson I would like to welcome you to todays educational blog

Nowadays with the absence of a physical office or building your website home page is your shop window. In the west end of London and New York, a vast fortune is spent every year dressing shop windows in readiness for Christmas and the sales encouraging passers-by to come inside and spend. To some extent you must replicate this without the expense.

1/ Website home Page

Your website home page must be welcoming, instantly portraying the message, “Trust me you have found what you are looking for” There are several approaches to this:

• The overall look and feel of the website, your brand colours, the way everything is nicely lined up. You can tell a “homemade” website from a professional one. They tend to look a bit like a patchwork of text and images and lack design flair.
Remember that the impression you make on people in the digital space equates to what they think of you personally.
• Make sure any calls to action are easy and  intuitive (call, fill in the form etc) must be simple, easy to find and self explanatory.
• Use bespoke photography if you can: Yourself, your van, wearing your company clothing etc. A high-quality image of yourself (smiling) and looking professional at work is a great start. It’s important to note images can be videos too.
• Logos from trusted trade organisations or chimney sweep organisations that customers associate with.
• Good quality copy that reinforces the images and the customers’ expectations. In other words the images will tell the story and the words will reinforce, elaborate and give the customer what they are searching for.

Our Picture below says:  trusting, happy, traditional chimney sweep without using any words.


Finally; your website must be responsive, which is the technology that allows your website to work on mobile and tablets as well as computer in the most efficient manner. What is the user experience of your home page? Keep it simple but smart. The information or image must immediately convey your message or people won’t hang around!

2/ Facebook

If your reading this blog then you probably found it through Facebook or another social channel.
The very first thing is that you MUST separate your personal page from your business. No one looking for a sweep wants to see what you did that one time, when you drank way too much. There is a very simple fix and that’s to start a FB business page. Your business page is another shop window, it must reinforce what is said in your website, look very similar and be easy to navigate. There are three super important things that you must do in order for a business page to be successful they are:

• Post regularly with related content that is fun or educational.
• Be Social it’s social media!
• Make sure you reply quickly we live in a now society.

You will quickly learn that fun stuff gets shared while adverts have to be paid for in order to reach potential clients.
Think Fun what do you like to read?

3/ Sign write your van

Have you noticed how London black cabs and busses are all vinyl wrapped now? I’m sure you have. A clean sign written van is a moving billboard which covers as much ground as you do. If you live on a road side then park it in such a way that the drivers of the vehicles can see it in passing. The same rule applies to vans in that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it’s not possible to read content from a moving vehicle but a picture is always identifiable. So in essence your van is your third shop window, make it a good one.

4/ Common image. (Brand Identity)

Nothing screams more “I am a one-man band doing absolutely everything in my business” than an inconsistent brand identity. When your van looks one way, your website another way, your business cards something else again etc. This is not good…

Consistency is the key. Everything that you do must convey the same professional message and importantly it must all match. What do I mean by that? Well the fonts, colours, logos, text, promotions and message must be the same across everything that you do, including: stationary, business cards, website, van, fb, clothing….absolutely everything associated with your company must have consistency. Doing this builds trust in your brand. Nowadays customers might see what you do on several different platforms before they make a selection. Often people will not remember you but they might still trust you as their subconscious still associates you with a previously seen image, colour, text or logo.

5/ Use social media even if you hate it!

Billboards used to be the way that passengers and the driver of a vehicle was enticed to buy product X. Well today everyone is staring down at their phone as you drive past those billboards. Teens spend up to nine hours per day now on socials while on average the rest of us spend 30% of the entire time we’re awake. If you crack the social media thing then you’re already winning. Like it or loath it, social Media is just what we do today

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