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the corona virus

What on Earth have wood burning stoves got to do with the corona virus you might ask? I’m not talking zombie apocalypse tin hat type stuff, rather a scenario where the utilities were shut down for a few days or maybe a week.

Well, with the onset of the corona virus, I have been like many contemplating what if? What if the very worst was to happen? How would we survive comfortable until the event passes?

The answer to that is simple; we need clean water, shelter, food and heat. Judging by the empty shelves in supermarkets right now a vast number of people are already stock piling food, medicines and water along with toilet tissues!

We all have a place to live these days, so we have shelter but what about heat? 96% of the U.K. population heat their residences with on grid gas or electric.

How would you stay warm, cook or even cope if the gas stopped or the electricity went out, even for one day?

I like very much that my wood burning stoves gives me off grid independence and the ability to keep myself and my family warm even in a worst-case scenario. We may not be able to wipe our back sides due to lack of loo rolls, but we will surely be snuggled up in front of the fire box. I wonder if the protesters against wood burning stoves would knock on my door for warmth and shelter in such a scenario and I also ponder if I would let them in.

We know that wood releases particles if burned incorrectly but we also know that the humble fire has kept humans alive for over 50,000 years. It has helped us develop and prosper. One thing for sure that in a worst-case scenario we will all go back to it. I think there is lot to be said for those who take a common sense approach to self reliance.

Just food for though.

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