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Technical update number 4. Soot (part one) What is soot? We all know it’s a black powder but few know what constituents make up the compound that we clean daily from the chimneys that we work on. Soot is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. It is black because it contains carbon particles […]

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Sweep Safe Technical update three. Hello fellow chimney sweeps and industry professionals, welcome to today’s technical update; sealing methods and equipment. Fireplaces, stoves, Flue pipes and access doors are all varying shapes, sizes and materials and as such we must have access to a variety of methods and techniques to seal them all for the […]

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Many chimney sweeps still need to take action and are exposed to complaints and serious fines simply because they have not addressed GDPR as yet.  It is essential you address GDPR as soon as possible if you have not done so yet, and to help out we have put together this comprehensive guide. Firstly, please […]

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Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 11th June 18 A regular chimney pot is usually best A standard terracotta cannon or roll top chimney pot that is correctly sized  is usually the very best way to terminate a chimney.  They are made of terracotta, have low wind resistance, are strong, last many years and most […]

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  What is a chimney sweep? The question posed in my title question seems very obvious at a first glance, the Oxford English Dictionary states that a Chimney Sweep is a person that cleans soot from a chimney. That description might have been accurate in the 1800s but today the job is something very much […]

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Hello my name is Daniel Hodgson I would like to welcome you to todays educational blog Nowadays with the absence of a physical office or building your website home page is your shop window. In the west end of London and New York, a vast fortune is spent every year dressing shop windows in readiness […]